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#3 Paul Laus

Albany Choppers, Paul Laus, #3, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XXL.  Collection # 2013.38.100.03 Avery collection.  Quarter-Skate Lace fight strap tied in back.  Both sleeves show customizations.  Left has been cut about three inches from the cuff toward the elbow.  Right has been cut about four inches then sewn back together which results in the cuff being about an inch and a half tighter in radius than originally.  Overall shows decent wear considering Laus played in only seven games.  Laus collected his only fighting major on the road.  The left sleeve features two small holes, then around a dozen hack marks.  There also appears to be a blood, or possibly rust, stain in the tricep area.  The right sleeve has three smaller holes, then a small handful of stick marks.  The front shows a few light marks, and a couple of pulled threads in the left cest area.  The nameplate has been removed as Laus had played all seven of his games prior to November 7th, and the nameplates were applied on November 12th, 1990.  Laus remained with the club, as a scratch, until November 27th. 

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#4 Scott Shaunessy, Steve Herniman

Albany Choppers, Scott Shaunessy (NOB), Steve Herniman (NNOB), #4, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen, size tag removed.   Collection # 2012.17.100.04 Thanks to BAB collection.  Excellent fight abuse, game wear, repair work, and customizations on this.  Size tag has been ripped out, and a 2.5" repair is present on rear seam.  On the right side, collar has been torn at least 3 inches down the shoulder, and repaired.  Similiar action on left, with closer to 2" repair.  Extensive repair work has been done around most of the inside of the blue and white collar.  There is a slight tear at the front, where the collar is sewn together.  Right sleeve has several holes in the blue, double thick stripe of material, and at the cuff has been sliced along the seam about 3".  The left sleeve has about 10 smaller holes in the blue, and a large, 3" repair in the white section.  The bottom features a similiar slice from the cuff, then about three inches up the seam.  The body is riddled with stick marks and a typical coin-lace fight strap.  The most unusal customization here is both side hems have been cut from the bottom of the jersey for about 6", tapered about an inch, then sewn back together, making the jersey about 4" more snug in the mid section. 

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#7 Jimmy McGeough, Rob MacInnis

Albany Choppers, Jimmy McGeough and Rob MacInnis (NOBR), #7, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XL.  Collection # 2013.35.100.07. Thanks to EBM collection.  This was worn originally by Rob MacInnis, then following his controversial trade on January 16th, Jimmy McGeough.  The scars from MacInnis' nameplate being removed remain, McGeough never received a nameplate during the month he spent in Albany.  Jersey features Quarter-Skate Lace fight strap, and both sleeves customized.  The left sleeve has been sliced almost six inches from the cuff toward the elbow, while the right in closer to four and a half or five.    The size tag remains sewn in the hem, but had been stained a pinkish color.  The left sleeve shows very even wear, with two small holes, then general and even pilling and pulling of the threads throughout both the blue and white portions.  The right has less general wear (although the blue shows quite a bit), but four pea-sized holes and one slice, about an inch long.  The front and back show a few light hack marks.  Note the back #"7" is a slightly different font as the other numbers. 

 Additional #7 Pictures:

#10 Soren True

Albany Choppers, Soren True, #10, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XL.  Collection # 2012.17.100.10. ENB Collection. Custom Quarter-Skate Lace fightstrap in back. Soren True was one of the 10 men to be rostered on both the first and last Choppers game.   He, along with Dale Henry, were the only two men to suit up for every game in between.  Left sleeve shows excellent wear, with at least six holes, countless hack marks, a puck mark across the "0", and even some white paint transfer.  Thr right sleeve shows a few more holes, a skate slice, and more smeared white paint transfer.  The front has a few stitches pulled, spread throughout the side.  The highlight of the back of the jersey is the bottom right of the "1" and the bottom left of the "0" are pulling away frmn the jersey, likely from a fight.

#12 Dan Woodley, Craig Charron

Albany Choppers, Dan Woodley (NOB)- Craig Charron (NNOB), #12, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size L.  Collection # 2012.17.100.12. CLRB Collection. Custom Quarter-Skate Lace fightstrap in back.  Charron is shown wearing this jersey in the October 17th, 1990 edition of the Times Union.  After his departure in early November (possibly late October) 1990, Dan Woodley arrivedon November 6th and took possession on #12.  Beside the Quarter-Skate Lace fight strap, there are no customizations to the jersey.  The right sleeve shows excellent general wear, highlighted by a white paint transfer and board burn in the blue section.  There is a severe area of distension in the inside of the elbow area, measuring about an inch by two inches oval.  There is also a slice closer to the cuff, and one in the blue area two inched long about six inched from the cuff.  The left sleeve also shows great overall wear, however fewer holes.  The front shows scattered hacks and a few thread pulls.  The nameplate appears to have been pulled partially off, and re-attached.  No stitching remains on the left side, and the top appears to have been sewn on twice.  Very faint scars from stitches may be visible on the jersey to the left of the nameplate. 

#18 Troy Mick

Albany Choppers, Troy Mick, #18, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XL.  Collection # 2004.16.100.18. There is minor wrinkling in the area where a quarter may have been tied to create the fight strap.  At this point, I only have evidence of this jersey being worn on Opening Night 1990, by Troy Mick.  Fittingly, the wear is very light.  The right sleeve has a single small burn.  The stomach area has three small areas of red paint transfer, and two areas of distension.  The left sleeve displays slightly more wear, with a similiar burn as well as two quarter sized scuffs.  The back is virtually clean, with the possible exception being the suspicious wrinkling where a quarter-lace fight strap once probably was attached.


#24 Nick Beaulieu

Albany Choppers, Nick Beaulieu, #24, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XL.  Collection # 2012.17.100.24Avery Collection.  Custom quarter-Skate lace fight strap tied in back.  Basic knots are tied in each end of the lace to prevent freying.  Beaulieu was one of the 10 men to be on the roster for both the first and final Choppers games.  This jersey shows excellent overall wear.  The left sleeve is torn in the armpit area, about the size of a quarter.  There are no fewer thatn 12 small holes in the blue area, as well as many hack marks and two holes (one more than an inch long) in the white.  The front has at least five slices, eight distinct hack marks, several areas of torn stitching on the seams, as well as other areas of distention scattered, but concentrated mainly in the stomach area.  The left sleeve is highlighted by a huge 2x2 hole in the white area, with a smaller one nearby.  There is a slice in the white underside, a hole in the front red trim, then serious damage to the rest of the sleeve.  Starting at the cuff of the back red trim, there are no fewer than 12 holes, three areas of white paint transfer, rampant torn stitching, and at the top a three inch burn starting in the red and continuing to the middle of the "4".  Working from the shoulder down in the blue area, there are easliy over 30 holes of varying sizes throughout, but concentrated in the area 4"-12" from the cuff.  Red board transfer appears in at least eight places, varying in size from a half to three inches, and there are at least three areas of white paint having been transferred.  Overall, a great jersey from an original and very versitile member of the team.



#26 Scott Drevitch, Mike Golden, Torrie Robertson


Albany Choppers #26, Scott Drevitch NOB, Mike Golden NOBR, Torrie Robertson NNOB?, White, HiLi IceSheen, Size L.  Collection # 2015.01.100.26 strobin Collection.  Quarter Lace fight strap tied in.  Clear evidence of a much longer nameplate being removed.  Current letters have peeled in places.  Torrie Robertson wore this jersey on November 12th, which was the first game that they wore names on their backs.  Robertson was a late addition to the lineup card, and it's unknown if he wore a nameplate at this point. 

#33 Curtis Hunt

Albany Choppers, Curtis Hunt, #33, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XXL.  Collection # 1992.22.100.33 MJAB Collection.  Quarter-Skate Lace fight strap tied in back.  Interestingly, for a high PIM player like Hunt, there are not any sleeve customizations.  There is, however, excellent wear. After arriving from Milwalkee in time for the second weekend of the season, Hunt made an immediate impact.  The left sleeve shows great overall wear, highlighted by six holes in the back red stripe, more than 15 slices and holes in the blue area, then a few more hacks in the white.  Both armpits have been blown out, the leaving a larger hole.  the front is littered with hack marks and small holes, with great shoulder slicing on both sides, and large areas of distension in the left kidney area. The left sleeve shows similiar slicing and holes appearing throughout, the rear red trim is severly worn, but the real trauma is in the white underside.  More than 15 holes appear, in addition to the underarm blowout.  There are also two areas of severe distension, one about two incehs from the cuff, then the second begins another four inches up the seam.  The back shows a three inch line of distension cutting through the blue, red, and white, as well as some good carry-over from the hacks in the left kidney area.  Overall a great piece, and where the jersey collection all began- in the high-stakes lottery in 1992.

#35 Rick Knickle

Albany Choppers, Rick Knickle, #35, Home, White, HiLi Ice Sheen size XXL.  Collection # 2013.35.100.35.  Rick was one of the 10 men to appear on both the opening night roster and the roster at the end.  This jersey has been heavily customized.  First, two inch side panel inserts were sewn in, likely by the manufacturer.  These panels have been cut, starting at the waistline hem about three inches up.  The most strikingly obvious alterations are the sleeves, where approzimately 6 inches have been hacked off of each!  The right sleeve has then been sliced all the way up the rest of the seam to the underarm diamond.  The left sleeve's seam remains intact, but there is a 3" cut about 1.5 inches from the hem, on the front side, that was intentionally placed there.  The game wear on the jersey is moderate.  There is a skate slice on the bottom of the left sleeve, there is a 1" cut at about 5:00 extended, of the front logo. There are some areas of pilling on the right front of the jersey. 

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