The Bauer Years, 1996-97 to 1999-2000

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Pascal Rheaume 1996-96 Albany River Rats AHL Home White Bauer K sz 56 #25. Good overall wear, with several team repairs on left sleeve as a result of him taking faceoffs, and working the boards. Alternate captain's A on left chest. Bauer embroidered on rear hem with AHL emroidered patch sewn on next to it. ACQ: Team 7/98

Geordie Kinnear 1996-1997 Albany River Rats AHL Road Red #4 (with Captains “C”), Bauer UF sz 54.  Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (White on Black), with name sewn on a red nameplate sewn on the jersey. NJ Devil embroidered logo patches on each shoulder.  Jersey shows great game wear and abuse.  Two repairs (one opposite “C”, one lower near the rib area) on the front, to go along with many stick marks, highlighted by a 5 incher that begins 10 inches below the C, and continues into the Rats crest.  Right sleeve also has two repairs, both near the shoulder area, and each are around two inches, and appear to be caused by the same event, which left a 6’ scar just under the shoulder seam.  Left sleeve features even more abuse.  Starting at the top, all the stitching has been torn out of the black shoulder/red sleeve seam.  Plenty of stick marks riddle the area between there and the elbow, which has major trauma.  A minimum of 12 team repairs are found here, some of which are covering the same hole.  At least eight unrepaired holes remain!  The back shows similar character, with several large stick marks.  The Velcro on the fight strap (with white metal snap) has been torn off, and stitched back with black thread.  Stitching in the neck has been torn in the front, as well as sports in the back and right sides.  Letters and numbers show beginnings of fraying.  Overall a great example form one of “Champ’s” most productive seasons!  Hard to imagine what this one would have looked like if Kinnear hadn’t missed 31 games!  White “BAUER” embroidered into the rear hem, with the AHL patch sewn in next to it.    ACQ: DTG, 12/02



Rob Skrlac 1997-8 Albany River Rats AHL Bauer K sz58G #23. This is a real gem, shows severe fight abuse. Stitching in neck is torn all the way around, several team repairs including one fortified with a piece of black denim! Sleeves have been shortened and re-hemmed. PHPA 30th patch on rear left hem. Jersey torn from collar to nameplate, and sewn back together, nameplate has been torn off and reattached.  ACQ: DTG 5/99



Colin White 1997-99, 2 seasons, Game Worn jersey.  Totally hammerd, custom sleeves. Acq: Collector, 1/2011


Matt Ruchty 1998-99 Albany River Rats AHL Bauer K sz 56 #21. Custom knit side panels inserted on both sides, from the hem all the way up to the cuff. Light overall wear (for a jerseys from the 90's), some board marks on each sleeve, and a couple of unrepaired holes. Numbers and letters are white, with black trim sewn on top. ACQ: Team 4/00


Scott Daniels (and Rob Skrlac for a game) 1998-99 Game Worn jersey.  Daniels was the only man to be with the Choppers and Rats, despite not suitng for Choppers.



David Cunniff 1999-00 Albany River Rats Home White Bauer UF #25 sz 52.  Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (Red on Black), with name sewn on a white nameplate sewn on the jersey.  NJ Devil embroidered logo patches on each shoulder.  AHL patches affixed in proper hem and neck (lower case ahl) areas on back of jersey.   Black “BAUER” embroidered into the rear hem, with the AHL patch sewn in next to it.  Crest is mostly embroidered, (red, white and some gray are not).   Overall great wear for a jersey from near the end of the one-set era.  Left sleeve has numerous stick marks and considerable pilling near the elbow.  There are six large unrepaired holes, and at least five smaller ones.  There are two team repairs.  The Right sleeve has similar wear, with great stick and board marks, and seven large unrepaired holes, many smaller ones, and at least two team repairs (one may be two repairs next to each other, or one large L-shaped repair.  The fight strap has been tied in a “basic” knot to shorten it.  There is considerable pilling below the fight strap.  The chest and back have multiple stick, puck, and board marks, with one hole on the right side, but no repairs.  There is a large red mark on the hem below the “2” on the rear.   ACQ: 3/01


Lucas Nehrling 1999-00 Game worn Jersey