Albany Choppers Road/Blue Jerseys

#1 John Blue, Doug Dadswell

Albany Choppers, John Blue/Doug Dadswell (Pre-Season), #1, Road, Blue, Maska, Size 54. Collection # 2004.48.101.01 NOB were not used.  This jersey can be clearly seen in footage from the preseason games in Muskegeon, MI, likely by Doug Dadswell.  It also appears in late January on John Blue's back.  Interestingly, Bruce Racine wore #33 during a road game in November in Ft. Wayne, with Rick Knickle in #35.  Curtis Hunt switched to #6 for that game.   No apparent cuts, hols or repairs to jersey.  The rear "1" is stained about half way up, likely from the crossbar as there is a mixture of red and black.  There is also a red streak above the left sleeve "1", and a black streak below on the same sleeve. 

This jersey was featured in The Hockey News in 2009


#5 Vern Smith, Bill Whitfield

Albany Choppers, Vern Smith/Bill Whitfield (Pre-Season), #5, Road, Blue, Maska, Size 52. Collection # 2007.13.101.05 NOB were not used.  This jersey can be clearly seen in footage from the preseason games in Muskegeon, MI, with Whitfield involved in a fight.  Smith is seen later in the years wearing it.  Good hack marks on the left sleeve, and overall wear on right.  No holes, rips, or repairs on the jersey. 

#7 Jimmy McGeough, Rob MacInnis

Albany Choppers, Rob MacInnis/Jim McGeough , #7 Road, Blue, Maska, Size 54.  Collection # 2006.81.101.07.  NOB were not used.  Worn through January by defenseman (and brother of Al) MacInnis.  Excellent wear, abuse, customizations, and repairs are visible throughout the jersey.  Both sleeves have about two inches hacked off, starting at the cuff.  The red trim which is toward the back of the jersey has lost it's middle side thread, which held it down to the white section of the jersey.  It is loose, except for about 10" that remain on the right sleeve.  The back of the collar has been tprn most of the way down, and repaired.  The right sleeve has at least two other slices, and a good sized red paint transfer near the present cuff.  The left sleeve has more overall wear, riddled with paint transfer, hack marks, and general grim, especially along the white portion.  The back displays a two inch slice, below the "7"then a smaller hole below that.  There is a black streak below the hole, possibly coming from the same incident.  On the right hip, excellent red paint transfer appears. 

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#8 Paul Marshall, Christian Lalonde

  Albany Choppers, Paul Marshall/Christian Lalonde (and others?)  #8 Road, Blue, Maska, Size 50.  Collection # 2000.08.101.08.  NOB were not used.  Marshall wore this in Ft. Wayne upon joining the team in mid-November, as seen on video.  Lalonde suited up for the October 13th game in Peoria, he'd been assigned #8 according to the Opening Night program, so we can assume he wore this one.  It is not clear who may have worn this beside these two.  The jersey shows good wear.  The right sleeve sows some general grime, and is highlighted by a six inch red paint transfer that has sliced all the way through for about two inches.  The "8", near the bottom left corner, has a "V" shaped mark.  The left sleeve shows very similiar red paint, probably a bit more, but only three smaller holes.  There are a couple of hackmarks on the front, and some wear on both hip areas.  The rear "8" has some small marks on it as well.  

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#27 Joe Stefan (A), Dan Woodley


Albany Choppers, Joe Stefan/Dan Woodley, #27, Road, Blue, Maska, Size 50.  Collection # 2013.27.101.27.  NOB were not used.  Alternate captain's "A" on front.  Woodley wore this in Ft. Wayne upon joining the team in mid-November, as seen on video.  Byron Lomow was wearing #12, and with Stefan out injured #27 was available for Woodley.  Later in the season, Woodley was also seen wearing #12 and #27. Jersey shows good wear.   Right sleeve appears to have some severe blood staining near the cuff, some various blasck smears, including a distinct, heavy black mark through each the "2" and the "7".  There is some minor red board transfer just below the "2" and on the rear red stripe.  Both red straipes show some general pilling.  The clooar has several popped stitches to the right side.  Continuing to the left, three holes, varying in size from pea-sized to about an inch oan one half.  There is some more black residue, and red board transfer between the two numerals.  A small board burn appears to the right of the numbers, mostly in the blue but toucinh the red stripe also.  The front red stripe shows similiar pilling to the other sleeve.  The jersey's front has Stefan's "A" proudly sewn on the left chest area, some minor pilling scattered throughout, a long red paint transef near the right hip, ad some more probably bllod staining along the hem.  The highlights are two slices, both to the left side, and each just under two inches long.  The back shows some general pilling, and the nuymbers each do show a couple of fiant hack marks. 

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#35 Rick Knickle


Albany Choppers, Rick Knickle, #35 Road, Blue, Maska, Size 56.  Collection # 1992.22.101.35.  NOB were not used.  Knickle can be seen wearing this in Ft. Wayne in mid-November, January in Ft. Wayne, then again a few weeks later in Kansas City as seen on video.  There are also pictures in the Milwalkee papers of Knickle wearing this jersey.


The jersey itself shows solid wear.  The right sleeve has n interesting melting issue where the "5" is meets the red trim.  Threre are at least three stripes, two to three inches in length, then some melting of the trim, patching up some tears.  Some red has melted to the "5", and an unrepaired hole remains between the digits.  There are at least two repairs in the armpit area, but the repairs are very tight to the seams and tough to differentiate from that sewing and from other lines of distention.  The sleeve shows pilling throughout, and ends with the cuff being frayed, especially in the white section.  The left sleeve is cleaner in general, but does have some thread pulling away in the blue section along the back.  The cuff shows some fraying, but the side is highlighted by a small hole near the elbow, and a large hole on the front, where a captain's "C" would be.  Ths hole is easily seen in the January video from Ft. Wayne.  The front shows excellent pilling, especially in the stomach area.  The back shows the lightest overall wear on the jersey. 

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