Albany Choppers Equipment


#4 Scott Shaunessy

#12 Dan Woodley

Dan Woodley Game Used Road Helmet, With Visor.  Collection # 2012.17.120012. Woodley was hit in the face by Kevin Kerr on January 12th, 1991, causing him to need the visor for the remainder of the season. The sticker on the back is a puck sized label, trimmed down to it's present size.  The "1" was previously a "4" before obtaining its present disposition.  The helmet previously displayed two different numbers, as glue residue remains.  Woodley arrived in Albany in early November, so the options of the identity of the previous owner are limited, likely #33.  The Helmets are located at the Southwest corner of the display.

#27 Joe Stefan

Collection # 2012.53.120027 Joe Stefan Game Used Road Blue Helmet

Hockey Pants


Albany Choppers Game Worn Pants Collection # 2013.69.400100 Size Petit, 40"/ 100 CM.  Stripes and stars have been hand sewn on to the shell.  Classic late 80's/early 90's design of two pieces, buttoned together.  Very light wear on this piece.  The pants are located in the upper southwest corner of the display.

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