Traded and Sold NHL Game Worn Jerseys

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Colin White 2003-04 Red/Home KOHO Air-Knit Sz 58 Game Worn Jersey

Matt Corrente 2009-10 Home/Red RBK Size 56 2.0 Game Worn Jersey

Pierre Luc Leblond 2009-10 Game Worn Road White Jersey

Johan Hedberg 2012-13 New Jersey Devils Game Worn Home Red Jersey

Troy Mallette 1990-91 Game Worn Jersey, Meigray LOA

Ben Carpentier NYR Pre-1999-00 Game Worn Jersey,  ProPlayer year.

PJ Stock Game Worn Jersey, 2001 Pre-Season


Ben Hankinson 1994 Pre-Season Game Worn Jersey




Brandt Myhres Game Worn Jersey 1994-95 Tampa Bay Lightning  SOLD


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Sergei Bobrovsky 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate MGG #L07710


Craig Conroy 2010-11 Calgary Flames Game Worn jersey



2009-10 Brandon Prust Calgary Flames Road White Game Worn Jersey


Matt Ruchty 1992-93 New Jersey Devils Pre- season Road Green CCM UF #38 sz L.  This one has been pounded, it appears that there is another nameplate with "Ruchty" on it still attached below the top one. There is also evidence that another nameplate had been sewn on, and later removed. Great stick and puck marks throughout. ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Kris King 1992-93 New York Rangers NHL CCM/Gerry Cosby heavy mesh home white sz 52, #19.  All letters and numbers are tackle-twill, with a blue on red drop shadowed pattern.  Cosby tag sewn in neck.  Jersey would likely have been dry-cleaned, as it is very clean, but the left sleeve has at least eight repairs, and only a light scattering of stick marks.  The most visible is a black two inch mark right under the “9”.  The right sleeve shows similar use, with no real stick marks and at least eight repairs.  Most repairs are  on or below the elbow.   There is a repair on the very right of the stomach area, but that is the extent of the wear for the front and back.  The CCM is embroidered next to the NHL shield, with the CCM in Red, Red, Blue sequence.  The “Stanley Cup 1893-1993” patch is sewn on the right shoulder.  The fight strap is sewn in the back with no apparent modifications. 

Matt Ruchty 1992-93 New Jersey Devils Pre- season Road Green CCM UF #38 sz L. Only Ruchty Dev's jersey out there. This one has been pounded, it appears that there is another nameplate with "Ruchty" on it still attached below the top one. There is also evidence that another nameplate had been sewn on, and later removed. Great stick and puck marks throughout. ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Shawn Cronin 1989-90 Winnipeg Jets White #44 CCM AK.  Good wear.


Kris King 1998-99 Toronto Maple Leafs Road Blue Nike K sz 54 #12. Great jersey from Set 1 of 98-99, with the beautiful "Memories and Dreams" patch on the right breast. Mnimal wear, but there are a few bleached out blood stains, and light stick marks. The cuffs of the sleeves have been tightened near the end, where the blue and white meet. "1998-1999 Game Worn Limited Edition Toronto Maple Leafs" patch sewn upside down in front hem. ACQ: Team auction, LOA

Eric Cairns 1997-98 New York Rangers Home White Starter Mesh sz 60, #29 Tag with an "L" on one side, and 2' handwritten on other side sewn into collar, meaning it's custom made two inches longer. A great example form one of the up and coming tough guys in the NHL. The sleeves have been trimmed by a few inches, and feature his standard slice along the seam. Light overall usage, but a few nice stick marks show. This jersey is simply HUGE! Meigray patch on inside rear hem. ACQ: Meigray, LOA $

Peter Fiorentino 1991-92 New York Rangers Pre-season CCM Lightweight Knit sz XXL #41. Great example from the guy that was suspended in the AHL for the remainder of Binghamton's games against Rochester. Apparently he had just started too much trouble there, the Commissioner at the time said that he's seen more film starring Peter Fiorentino than he has with John Wayne! This is all ironed on, but shows some great wear. The stitching has been torn around the collar, and some blood, puck and stick marks are spread throughout the jersey. The team repaired this one only once, as there are several holes. Custom fighting strap sewn into the back. ACQ: Meigray, LOA

Reid Simpson 1998-99 Chicago Blackhawks Home Nike AK sz 56G ('G" blackened by marker) #33. Great example from one of the NHL's toughest, light game wear, but heavy fight abuse. The collar has been torn and repaired, it a Frankenstein like manner (letter from team describing it as such!). Hawks ID # fixed into the in back of the sweater. A few nice sleeve repairs, including one three incher on the right. Custom shortened at the factory by Nike, this one has a very unusual shape, it is almost square!. Good letter and number fraying! ACQ: Drop the Gloves, LOA Traded

Shawn Chambers 1993-94 Tampa Bay Lightning Road Black CCM AK, sz 54 #22. Nice jersey from the Lightning's second year. Acquired on eBay, these jerseys were found by a collector at the lettering company. Apparently the Lightning's management was not happy with how they looked, and sent them back. IT is obvious where the old letters were. For some reason, these jerseys were not returned to the team. This one shows some pilling, and team repairs fixing sleeve holes. These are pretty nice jerseys, with a cool story behind them!

Corey Schwab 97-98 Tampa Bay Lightning road Black CCM AirKnit Goalie Cut, #32. Light overall usage, no repairs. A few puck marks are visible. Some minor holes. Team sewed in 4" of black airknit material, going from hem to the end of the cuff, making this jersey simply huge! ACQ: eBay.

John Stevens Philidelphia Flyers Home White Late 80's/early 90's CCM AK sz 52 #41. Shows minimal game use, but this is a hard to find style, with the small embroidered CCM in Orange, Orange, Black on rear hem. Bought off of eBay, the seller there said that he bought it from Milt Byron. Nice jersey from a two way tough guy in the AHL for many years. ACQ: eBay.

Rob Skrlac 1998-99 New Jersey Devils Pre-season Road Red CCM UF sz 54 #48. One of the coolest jerseys in my collection! Has been pounded, typical of a preseason jersey. There has been at least one nameplate change, probably more. The nameplate itself shows good evidence of having been changed itself. The fight strap has been cut off the jersey, and a lace sewn in. The best part is that the jersey has been cut from the bottom hem, all the way up to the end of the sleeve. Three to four inches of Airknit material has been sewn in from there, the stripes were carefully lined up so at first glance it is not apparent. The fight strap base of the sacrificed jersey actually is part of the extension on the side. Also, Sasha Lakovic wore #48 the previous year, he could have worn this one as well! A real classic jersey! ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Chris Thompson 1998-99 New Jersey Devils PreSeason CCM UF #64. Great fight abuse, with large hole in sleeve. Collar stitching completely destroyed. ACQ: Meigray, LOA.

Dean Chynoweth New York Islanders Road CCM Maska AK, sz 54 #3 Light wear, a few small pills on the stomach area. "Born On date of "4 94" stamped on grocery store price tag on washing instructions, so this one was most likely for the 94-95 strike season. Tag appears to be slightly smeared, evidence of washing. ACQ: Nick Viris $275

Jeff Christian 1997-98 Phoenix Coyotes Road Black Starter K sz 54, #72. Beautiful example of one of the best looking jerseys in hockey today. Jeff only played one game in Phoenix, but a couple of stick/puck marks are visible on the sleeve numbers. Patch sewn inside the rear hem reading "1998-3 Official Game Worn Jersey". Nice "Goals For Kids" patch on one shoulder, team patch on opposite. ACQ: Meigray, LOA

Nick Kypreos 1994-95 New York Rangers Home White CCM Cosby Mesh sz 54 #19.

Nick Kypreos 1994-95 New York Rangers Road CCM Cosby Mesh sz 54 #19. Pad stretch marks on the sleeves and shoulders, and a couple of stick marks on the white stripes. "#2" written in marker on the Gerry Cosby tag in the neck area. Scar on the shoulder where the A Stanley Cup Finals patches were worn. Cosby screen on the piece holding the fight strap on. Possibly the jersey he wore on the ESPN commercials! ACQ: Meigray, LOA

Landon Wilson 1996-97 Boston Bruins NHL Starter Knit Road Black #27 sz 56-R, #27.  Crest is embroidered and sewn on, and bear patches are embroidered and then sewn on.  Shoulder numbers are black on the bottom and a white trim sewn on top.  Back numbers and letters are white on the bottom, with yellow on that, and black trim sewn on.  The material is a little more satin like than average numbers are.  Right sleeve has the open holes, and many black hack marks on the yellow and white areas.  Left sleeve has an open hole on the black stripe, and several board burns riddled throughout.  The front and back show similar wear, with some pilling, and stick marks on the trim areas. The fight strap is sewn in the back with no apparent modifications.   Rear hem has “LETTERING BY CUSTOM CRAFTED”, and “OFFICIAL BOSTON BRUINS 1st SET 1997-98 SEASON” and Bruins logo screened in the inside, and S* with “STARTER” small underneath and NHL logos embroidered on the outside. 

Rob Skrlac 2003-2004 New Jersey Devils Road White #32 CCM AK, sz 58.  Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (Red on Black), with name sewn on a white nameplate sewn on the jersey.  Game Issued according to MeiGray/NHL Gameworn LOA, but there are 4 clear (but small) stick marks on the front lower hem area (all below the crest), a 2 inch red board burn near the left body seam on the lower hem, a mark on the right shoulder next to the 2, a mark on the left shoulder next to that 2, a small stick mark near the cuff, and a mark on the back from the jersey material getting pinched between the snap on the fight strap and some other hard object or surface.  So although none of the marks are huge, I feel there is enough evidence to safely call this “game worn”.  It probably was worn in a pre-season game for the River Rats or a Devils “Rookie” game.  Silver NHL patch embroidered into read hem, CCM patch on back neck, and NHL/MGG patch sewn into rear hem, numbered B05278.  ACQ: Meigray, 11/03

Sheldon Souray 1996-97 New Jersey Devils Road White #34 CCM AK, sz 58.  Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (Red on Black), with name sewn on a white nameplate sewn on the jersey.  Game Issued according to MeiGray LOA.  The nameplate appears to show game usage, it is significantly darker than the white on the jersey, and the letters show some fraying and pulling at a few of the edges.  Also, the sleeves have been cut down significantly, so there is only ¾ of an inch to two inches of white left.  I’d estimate that they’ve been cut down almost six inches.  “LETTERING BY CUSTOM CRAFTED” and  “OFFICIAL NEW JERSEY DEVILS 1st SET 1996-97 SEASON” screen on inside rear left hem.  Fight strap is sewn in the back, and CCM embroidered in all-black sequence.  No wear-related signs of use except on nameplate. 

Cale Hulse 2000-01 Nashville Predators NHL Road Blue #32 Koho AK, sz 58.  Colorful Nashville patches highlight silver panels going down each shoulder.   White name sewn on blue nameplate, which is sewn on back.  Numbers on back are one white layer, with yellow trim sewn on top.  Shoulder numbers are one blue layer, with yellow trim also sewn on top.  Decent overall wear, with excellent pilling on silver areas.  Three repairs to go along with a handful of stick marks and board burns on right sleeve.  Similar use on left sleeve, with only one repair.  Two repairs on yellow section of rear hem.  Three distinct, parallel black lines appear on the bottom of the “3” on back.  Collar is stretched out, but stitching is not torn.  Silver embroidered NHL patch on back, Silver Koho patch on back of neck.  ACQ: Detroit Hockey Company, 12/03

Les Chief de Laval Game Worn Jerseys


ECHL Game Worn Jerseys


Nathan Gillies Game Worn Charlotte Checkers Jersey



Chris Blight Reading Royals Game Worn Jersey- SOLD

Marc Cavosie Reading Royals Game Worn Jersey

Murray Reading Royals Game Worn Jersey


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