Traded and Sold AHL Game Worn Jerseys

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Joey Mormina 2009-10 Game Worn Jersey, Orange alt

2010 Preseason


JS Berube/Alex Zharkov 2010-11 Game Worn Jersey

2010-11 Louis Robitaille, TRADED


JP Testwuide Set 1 (in house auction)

Matt Walker Game Worn Jersey, Black Set 1 2011-12

Erik Gustafsson Moustache Night November, 2012

Tye McGinn New Years Eve 2012-13


Chris Cichocki 1985-86 Adirondack Red Wings AHL CCM UF Road #17.

Keith Primeau 1990-91 Adirondack Red Wings CCM UltraFil Hme White #22



Colin Young 2003-04 Adirondack Icehawks UHL Alternate Athletic Knit mesh over dazzle cloth sz XXL #5


Jason Vermeulen 2003-04 Adirondack Icehawks UHL Home White Athletic Knit mesh over dazzle cloth sz XXL #24.  Jersey has IceSheen like material under a fine mesh layer throughout the jersey, including the white body and sleeves, red shoulders and stripes, and black stripes.  Crest and shoulder patches are fully screened and sewn on the jersey.  Back and sleeve numbers are sewn on, with black numbers sewn on red numbers underneath.  Black name is sewn on a  white nameplate made of material similar to the numbers then sewn on the jersey.  Six hole shoelace tie-up on the neck., with metal washers around the holes.  The stitching is torn on the right side where the neck, black collar trim, and red material come together.  Collar stitching has been disconcerted through out the neckline.  There are two board caused holes on the left shoulder, heavy paint transfers in both red and dark blue near the numbers on that side, and a large hole just above the top black stripe.  A dime size hole can be found between the top black strips and the red strips, as well as several other marks.  There is another small hole in the other white median.  Board, stick hacks, and other marks litter the entire sleeve.  The right sleeve has large paint transfers above the “24” and below the shoulder seam,  and two dime sized holes above the elbow reinforcement.   The top black and red stripe have been torn away from the material next to each other, for about 1-2 inches each.  The entire sleeve is marks with black residue of sticks, pucks, and board burns.  The front stomach area shows great grime, with many large stick marks, and a handful of small holes.  Stitching is coming apart on the back #2, back hem, left armpit, and right armpit.  There are a few marks, significant pilling, and a few smallish holes on the rear hem area.  There are no repairs on the jersey.  And embroidered black and red AK patch has been sewn on the rear right, just above the hem.  A white two snap fight strap with black Velcro, and the AK symbol cast in the top of the snap is sewn in, and the stitching shows some distention. 



David Vychodil 2004-05 Adirondack Frostbite UHL Home White #36, OT sz 54.  Light blue and dark blue snowflake designs are sublimated into the fabric.  Crest and shoulder patches are fully embroidered and sewn on the jersey.  Name is sewn on a nameplate then sewn on.  Back and sleeve numbers are sewn on, with a full size dark blue number, with a white outline sewn on that, then a tan trim sewn on the white.  Six hole shoelace tie-up on the neck.  Both sleeves show good board burns, many of the right through the two layers.  None have been repaired.  Left sleeve shows over 20 ranging in sizes, while the right shows many, mostly smaller.  There are also some hack marks around the shoulder areas.  An all-white, one snap fight strap is sewn into the back.  The silver and black OT patch and red, white, and blue United Hockey League patches are fully embroidered and sewn on the back, just above the right hem. 



en Hanowski 2014-15 Adirondack Flames Home White Alternate Captain's Game Worn Jersey  SOLD

2014-15 CCM Brian McGrattan Game Worn Adirondack Flames Home White Size 58  Game Worn Jersey SOLD

2014-15 Brodie AND Cam Reid Game Worn Adirondack Flames Road Red Game Worn Jersey

Oleg Yevenko 2014-15  Adirondack Flames Road Red Game Worn Jersey, Size 58


2014-15 CCM Michael Ferland Game Worn Adirondack Flames Road Red Size 58 Game Worn Jersey 

Cam Janssen 2012-13 Albay Devils Game Worn Jersey, Meigray SOLD

Pierre-Luc LeBlond 2007-08 Lowell Devils Game Worn Jersey Set 1- MeiGray


Derek Laxdal 1991-92 Capital District Islanders AHL Road Blue #8 CCM/Maska Ultrafil sz. 54.  All sewn on, orange on white name and numbers (NYI had only white names).  Also PHPA  embroidered 25th anniversary patch sewn on front.  CCM embroidered into hem in blue, blue, blue pattern.  Jersey shows heavy wear, with the arms being the highlight.  The right sleeve, to the right of the “8” has three large unrepaired holes, which appear to have been smaller holes which joined together.  There are also a couple of board burns above the number.  Down the sleeve, just below the orange stripe, are 10 more unrepaired holes of various sizes, two large.  The left sleeve, also near the wrist area, has about 14 unrepaired holes, 4 of which seem to have connected to form a large one.  Many of these holes have “run”, similar to cheap pantyhose.  Front of collar may have been restitched, or sewn haphazardly the first time.  Left shoulder shows heavy pilling outside.  Pilling also shows inside on the sleeves, as well as the rear hem area, a probably result of an open fight-strap.  General grime and filth visible along the white and orange hem stripes.  ACQ: eBay, 12/03


Derek Laxdal 1990-91 Capital District Islanders AHL Home White #8 CCM/Maska Ultrafil sz. 54.



2008-09 Justin Soryal Game Worn Jersey, Hartford WolfPack Set 1 Acq: Meigray, 11/2010

Stu Burnie Springfield Indians Game Worn jersey, 1987 Acq: Private Collector, 4/2007


Lee Sorochan 1996-7 Binghamton Rangers AHL Bauer K sz52 #7. Sizing must be a mistake, because this one's in the 56-58 range. Shows moderate use, some unrepaired holes on the sleeves. Bauer wing embroidered on the chest, and Bauer and AHL on back. ACQ: Meigray, LOA. $old.

Max Middendorf 1991-2 Cape Breton Oilers AHL CCM/Maska UF sz 54 #14. Good overall wear, with some fight abuse. Glue spots remain from where Captain's "C" was attached. Trying to determine if this is the one he was wearing when he kicked his opponent after a fight! PHPA 25th patch sewn on chest. Numbers sewn on, name and logos screened on sewn on patches. ACQ: eBay, sold

Steve Passmore Cape Breton Oliers AHL CCM/Maska AK sz 56 #29. Light game use including some puck marks, small holes and some pilling. Chrysler patch on left chest. Blue, Blue, Blue CCM embroidered on back. ACQ: Nick Viris,

Cornwall Aces 93-95 (?) CCM UF sz. 54 #18, NOBR. A nice piece from one of the mid 90's tougher teams to find. NOB has been taken off twice, and the jersey shows great wear with many holes, stick and puck marks, and board burns. AHL patch sewn on hem, apparently by team. ACQ: Murf Denny.

Eric Cairns 1997-98 Hartford Wolfpack AHL Bauer K sz 54 #44.

Dale Purinton 1998-99 Hartford Wolfpack AHL Bauer AK sz 56 #5. Good fight usage, as Bauer tag in collar is only being held by a thread on one side. Velcro on fight strap has been torn away from the fabric, and reattached with blue thread. Unrepaird holes on both sleeves, and good stick and puck marks on front. ACQ: Meigray, LOA.

Martin Laitre 1999-2000 Lowell Lock Monsters AHL Bauer K sz 58, #33. Great fight abuse, torn and repaired collar, vented sleeves, many unrepaired slices in the sleeves, as well as a few team repairs. Great stick marks, as well as general filth. AHL 2000 tag on back of neck. Great general filth on this beauty! ACQ: Trade, LOA from DTG.

Eric Germain (NOBR) Early 90's New Haven Nighthawks AHL CCM UF sz 54 #4. Good stick marks and usage, a few small holes. "54" written in pen on the tag. NOBR, but outline of "Germain" is clearly visible when looked it in light. CCM large style in white, white, white sequence. All letters/number are sewn on.

Mark Major 1998-99 Portland Pirates AHL Bauer FK sz 58, #32. with alternate captain's 'A' sewn on the front. Excellent overall game use with heaviest abuse showing on both sleeves. Front body shows more general filth, large stick and puck marks and material snagging. Good stick and puck marks, general filth and exterior pilling showing on front hem along with scuff marks and red board paint on far left portion. Nameplate features a large blood stain on the far right portion. Heavy fraying showing on bottom of back #2 as a result of fight strap being torn away at base, which remains un-repaired. Velcro portion and one snap have been torn away from base and remains un-repaired with heavy broken and frayed stitching. ACQ: DTG,

Rob Skrlac 2001-02 Portland Pirates AHL Home White #14, SP AirKnit  sz 58.  Shows fairly heavy usage throughout the jersey, most of which seems to have come from a Franklin product, with the THT logo clearly visible (mirror image of course!) throughout the front and sleeves.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it before!  According to Rob, the gloves he had showed too much red to go with the Portland uniform.  The trainer spray painted them black, and they didn't have a proper time to dry.  Embroidered “Salty Pete” logo on the front, AHL patches properly positioned on rear hem and neck area, Washington Capitals embroidered patch on right shoulder, with the Pirates “P” with a sword on it located on the opposite.  “VIP” corporate sponsorship sewn on front, with 9-11 tribute American Flag sewn on next to it.  Stitching in the front of the collar has been torn, as well as the stitching holding the left side of the SP tag in the collar.  Each elbow has an unrepaired hole, as well as many stick marks and a couple of blood stains.  Great example from Rob’s stint in Maine!  ACQ: DTG,

Daniel Shank 1991-92 Springfield Indians AHL CCM/Maska UF sz 54 #34. Great overall wear, with a number of team repairs, stick marks, and blood stains. CCM ebbroidered in the classic Whalers style, Blue, Blue, Green. ACQ: DTG, LOA

Mike Bodnarchuk 1992-93 Utica Devils AHL CCM/Maska UF sz 54 #7. Good stick and puck marks, as well as a few team repairs. Custom Crafted screen inside rear hem.

Jyrki Lumme (?) (NOBR) 1989-90 Sherbrooke Canadiens AHL CCM UF sz. 54 (?), #20. All sewn on, old style embroidered CCM logo in red, red, blue sequence. Great slicing on both sleeves, with many cuts, most repaired by team. 5" "Y" shaped repair in left sleeve. Jersey shows consistent beating. ACQ: Trade.

Bill Armstong early 90's Hershey Bears CCM AK sz 52 #10. Overall light usage, with some stick and board markings on the sleves. Several small, uinrepaired holes on left sleeve. "The Sharp Edge"embroidered on the back, "CCM" in all white pattern on other rear side. ACQ: Ebay


Scott Pearson 1996-97 St. John's Maple Leafs AHL Bauer FK sz 56, #25. Great usage on this one, with at least one, and probably two nameplate changes. Several very nice puck marks on the rear left shoulder. Sleeves have been cut short, about 2 inches past lower blue stripe. All sewn on, shoulder numbers are on an interesting white patch covering another blue #25 underneath which appear to be about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch larger. Chrysler Canada patch on front left breast. ACQ: Trade, Team LOA.

Scott King 1998-99 Fredericton Canadiens AHL Bauer K sz 56 #41. Good game use with plenty of board, stick and puck marks riddled throughout. Chrysler patch on left chest. AHL patch on hem fading due to washing. ACQ: DTG 8/99, LOA.

Chris Winnes Maine Mariners AHL whome white CCM UF sz 50, # 10.  Sold.

Bill Berg 1987-88 (?) Springfield Indians AHL Road Blue CCM UF #4.  Blue jersey in New York Islanders pattern, three layer sewn on logo, with orange on white numbers and letters (name is sewn on a blue nameplate which is sewn on the jersey).  Jersey has been repaired many times, left sleeve has at least eight repairs, with several smaller, unrepaired holes.   Two of the repirs are small, and up near the armpit.  The right sleev has at least six more, with a couple being repaired twice, and a few smaller holes that have not been fixed.  There are four repairs along the bottom hem stripes, three in front and one in back.  There is a older style fight strap in the jersey, but it does have Velcro and snaps in it.  Small CCM in red, red, blue has been attached to the back..  ACQ:  5/06

Pascal Rheaume 2003-2004 Hartford Wolf*Pack AHL Road White, SP Knit, sz 56, #20.   Gray mesh inserts are sewn into the sides.  Six hole lace-up on front collar.  Dark blue on silver “HARTFORD” diagnolly across chest.  Blue numbers, with white and red trim.  The white is on top, with the red being sewn directly to the jersey.  Name is sewn on a nameplate, dark blue on red.  Light overall wear, but there are eight small stick marks/board burns on the right sleeve, and at least five on the left.  Right sleeve “2” has red markings around it, possible a number change.  No evidence of stitches being removed.  It would be a strange shaped number.  Could possibly be a board mark.  Fully embroidered patches on sleeves, Wolf*Pack on left and NYR Liberty on right.  Fight strap sewn in jersey, with “1” in marker on it.  Capital “AHL” patch sewn on back.  SP embroidered in rear hem, with hollow maple leaf on left.  AHL patch sewn on next to SP.    

Matt Walker Worcester IceCats AHL 2003-04 Blue Home #34, sz 58.

Dan Goneau Binghamton Rangers AHL Home White #30 Bauer ProWear AirKnit Gerry Cosby sz 54 (fits like 56-58).  All letters/numbers sewn directly on jersey; blue sewn on drop shadow red outline.  Stripes are all sublimated into the material (different from NYR jerseys from the period).  Shows overall grime in areas like sleeves, stomach, and rear hem.  There is pilling and some stains where a C or A may have been on the left chest area.  Left sleeve has two unrepaired holes, and great paint transferring near the #30.  Right sleeve has one hole, and stains of various colors. Front has pilling/small holes in the stomach area.  Lower back/hem area shows great paint transfers, three or four unrepaired holes, and several board burns.  Bauer and logo is embroidered directly into hem, with AHL logo embroidered on a patch which is sewn onto the hem.  ACQ: eBay 11/05

Lance Ward 2005-06 Binghamton Senators AHL Road Red #24, Reebok AirKnit sz 58, set 2.  Gold on black on white all-sewn numbers, gold with black accented letters sewn on a red nameplate sewn on jersey.  Jersey color mesh inserts on each rib area on sides of jersey.  Embroidered logo on front, along with M&T Bank coporate sponsorship patch.  Left sleeve features one repair, as well as five or six smallish board burns and holes.Right sleeve has six burns, as well as a hook mark under the arm.  There are a number of board burns around the hem, highlighted by one that has gone through the material near the left seam.  Fight strap with silver metal snap, Velcro stained slightly pink.  Three patches have been sewn on the back, a black Reebok logo near the neck, and a red Reebok logo on the hem, next to the (capital) AHL logo patch next to it. AirKnit care tag sewn into lower left side hem.  Acq: Team, 5/06.

Dave Korol 1986-87 Adirondack Red Wings CCM UF sz aprox. 52-54, #7 SOLD



Marc Potvin 1991-92 Adirondack Red Wings AHL Home White #25, CCM sz 52.   Crest is embroidered and sewn on, all numbers are sewn on, and name is sewn on nameplate which is sewn on the back.  Both sleeves have had several inches of red material added to the cuff area, likely so the elbow pads would slide out and it would be more difficult to tie the hands up in a fight.  Jersey shows tremendous repair work, the left sleev has at least 6 repairs, with much other damage including pilling, hark marks and board burns.  The right sleeve has more than 20 repairs, along with streaks of red and black paint riddles throughout.  The bottom of the “2” on the sleeve has become detached.  The front of the jersey has at least four holes, along with several blood stains and three large red streaks from the top of the dashers.  The back of the jersey has fewer marks, but there is a distinct blood stain to the right of the “T” in Potvin.   There also appears to have been a longer nameplate sewn on previously.  There is an unrepaired hole next to the all red, large CCM, and to the right of that is the NHL shield.  There is a Velcro/snap fight strap, which appears to not have been used during the games.  There is corrosion in the snaps, and the Velcro has turned light pink.  The PHPA 25th patch has been sewn on the right front.  Marc racked up 314 regular season PIM, along with 57 in the playoffs this season, and the jersey shows it!  He also played in 5 NHL games during the regular season, so it’s possible that the jersey we re-issued during this absence.  ACQ:  8/06

Kevin Marshall 2009-10 Adirondack Phantoms

Oliver Lauridsen Game Worn Jersey, 2012 AHL Winter Classic, Set 1

2011-12 Tom Sestito Set 1, Jersey Traded

Murray Eaves Sherbrooke Jets Game Worn Jersey

Pat Maroon Syracuse Crunch 2010-11 Game Worn Alternate Orange jersey.  Fought Harry Young (ALB) in this, ripping #1 on back loose. Acq: Team, 5/2011

Mark Janssens Norfolk Admirals Acq:Private Collector 6/2009

Dusty Collins 2006-07 Springfield Falcons Game Worn jersey, fought Mitch Love wearing it Acq: Team, 5/2007

1996-97 Binghamton Rangers Slyvain Blouin Alternate


Carolina Monarchs Game Worn Jersey, #42 Eberle

Saumier 1989-90 Binghamton Whalers AHL, Home White, HiLi IceSheen sz. L, #19.  White shiny jersey with green on blue letters and numbers.  Pucky “10th” patches sewn on shoulders.  Logo and number appear to be washed more than the name and Pucky patches.  Logo is pulling away from jersey at top of Whale fin, as well as top of “B”.  Back “9” has been torn away at top for 1.5 inches, and top of bottom for 2”.  1 has been torn away at right of bottom.  Sleeves have been cut considerably shorter, as none of the middle green stripe remains.  There are two holes around the collar at the top, each from the trim continuing about ¾ inch in.  Many stick marks are riddled throughout the rest of the jersey.  There are two holes in the lower left front area.  There is a hole in the blue stripe, with a red paint transfer just below.  The HiLi IceSheen patch is sewn on the rear hem.  A three snap fight strap is sewn in the jersey, with a small piece of Velcro inside.  Acq: 2006





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