Matt Ruchty Game Worn Jerseys

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Matt Ruchty Utica Devils 1992-93 AHL CCM/Maska UF sz 54 #27. Excellent wear on this one, several repairs that seem to be fortified with pieces of number material, on both sleeves. Strange looking stretch mark on from just above crest. White Custom Crafted screen on left rear hem. ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Matt Ruchty 1995-96 Vancouver Canucks Pre-Season Home CCK K sz 54 #36. Another great find in my Ruchty collection.  ACQ: Nick Viris

Matt Ruchty 1998-99 Anchorage Aces WPHL ProJoy K sz 56, #19. Rare, hard to find team and player. Well beaten jersey, probably wasn't issued to just Matt. Sublimated design around waist. Team repairs and unfixed holes. ACQ: DTG, LOA. Sold

I think that this is the one he wore in Providence.  I got it off eBay, and the tagging matches the 96-97 AHL, but the guy using it played there after Ruchty did.  There have been name changes on it.  His Providence helmet is above that. 

Matt Ruchty 1998-99 Albany River Rats AHL Bauer K sz 56 #21. Custom knit side panels inserted on both sides, from the hem all the way up to the cuff. Makes the jersey closer to a size 60 I'd imagine.  Decent overall wear, some board marks on each sleeve, and a couple of unrepaired holes. Numbers and letters are white, with black trim sewn on top. ACQ: Team, LOA.


Matt Ruchty 2000-2001 BC Icemen UHL Home White #27 AK Airknit/shine, (size tag removed from collar).  All sewn on, name in black letters sewn on to a white mesh nameplate, which is sewn onto the jersey.  The numbers are two layers, black on silver.  Good pilling on front of collar, which surprisingly hasn’t been torn apart.  Several lines of distention appear throughout front of jersey, with remnants of blood above and on the crest.  Embroidered Van Scoy Diamond Mine corporate patch sewn on right chest area.  Right sleeve shows more lines of distention, a ¾ inch hole in the silver area stripe, and an inch at the top and side of  the “7” has been ripped off.  A couple of other small holes litter the sleeves.  The left sleeve also has a few unrepaired small holes.  Serious pilling is found throughout the interior of the jersey.  White sewn in fight strap has black Velcro sewn in and a brass-colored snap with the “AK” logo molded in.  White/Black embroidered AK patch sewn on back hem, and fully embroidered patches are found on each shoulder.  ACQ: DTG, 3/03


Matt Ruchty 2000-2001 BC Icemen UHL Home St. Patrick’s Day Alt #27 AK Airknit/shine.  Names and numbers are all sewn on, with shoulder numbers yellow on black, sewn through a sewn on twill shamrock patch.  Back numbers are green on yellow.  Name is white, sewn on a green AK nameplate.  Very light wear, but does have one team repair (on yellow section of right sleeve).  A couple of light board burns appear on the right shoulder as well.  There are two fully embroidered patches sewn on, a corporate First Union patch on the front, and “In Memory of DAVID LESCH on the back.  Crest, as well as shamrocks appearing around the hem, are all screened on.   Crest is screened on a sewn on piece of twill however.  ACQ: DTG, 3/03, LOA


1999-2000 BC Icemen UHL AK (tags ripped out) #27. Overall nice wear on this beauty. The material seems to have an Ice Sheen type base, with a fine mesh covering it, which leads to a pretty neat look. Front collar stitching is completely torn. Great lines of distention appear throughout the jersey. Outstanding shoulder patches, one of the BC logo, one with a hockey glove carrying a flaming stick. Diamond Patch on right chest. Hard to find player, team. ACQ: DTG, LOA,

Matt Ruchty 2000-2001 BC Icemen UHL  White ALT #27 AK Airknit/shine

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