Herb's Casketfillers Playoff Party!

After learning Wednesday, shortly after tea time that Herb's would indeed be making the playoffs, a celebrational party was held at  a local spot, "The Bear's Den".

Backup towel man, Zarrick Dwack orders one more round of drinks.  Swill DeGregOreo, scorekeeper, makes sure that Zarrick knows she wants one more.


Ferrts Stickles attempts to give Zarrick the dreaded "Wet Dog".  Craig Gassler looks on in obvious delight, as he is not the receipent.  He doesn't like the wet dog, and often will hiss like a cat when it is applied to him.


Team VP and second cousin of Herb himself ponders the teams playoff future.

Is that Dick Stewart?  No, it's Jason Patterson, looking away from the camera.

Obviously everyone is happy.  Team driver Walt Wuttke finds amusement with Ferret's antics.


Someone was missing!  Who could it have been??  The fact that the largest slice of pizza was done afterward leaves a big clue!


"Man that's some good beer" thinks assistant equipment man Dan Rainville.


The whole Herb's Crew, celebrating with an Ice-Cream cake, remind everyone that the Casketfillers are #1!


Things got really rowdy and the party hats came out. 


As any good team does, the Herb's staff travels together.  Driver Walt Wuttke tries "Making it look MEAN!", just like the bus in Slap Shot.