Dean Malkoc Game Worn Jerseys

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Dean Malkoc 1989-90 Kamloops Blazers WHL CCM Air Knit road blue #23 NNOB, size tag missing.  NOB may have been removed, there is some evidence in the tag of this happening.  It also may be from  the Maska tag being sewn under the shoulder seam, and then the seam being ripped.  Both are feasible, and the tag holes are a little high for a NOB.  Jersey shows clear evidence of a number change, from most likely #28 or #26 to #23.  Three layer numbers sewn on, backs are white on blue on orange, and sleeves are blue on white on orange.   Crest is fully sewn together, with the exception of the “Kamloops”, which is embroidered.  Jersey shows great use.  Left sleeve has at least 14 team repairs in the white section, as well as some red, blue, and black paint that has been transferred.  Right sleeve has a HUGE five inch by one inch repair, which has been reinforced with a large piece of mesh material similar to the material in NY Rangers jerseys.  There is a quarter sized repair next to it, as well as three other team repairs.  There are a few red paint transfers also.  The sleeve numbers appear to have been torn off, and re-attached around about 40 percent of the “2” and 80% of the “3”.   Both sleeves appear to have been shortened and hemmed.  The collar has been torn and repaired in the back.  There is a 2.5 inch repair on the front bottom, as well as some pilling.  There is a 1.5 inch repair above and to the left on the back “2”.  “Players Bench” logo is fully embroidered in the hem, next to the embroidered “CCM” in Blue, Blue, Orange sequence, in the older, small style.  Fight strap shows excellent wear, and is held together with some blue electrical tape.  There are two snaps on it, and it is smaller than the ones used today.  The interior shows great pilling. 

Dean Malkoc 1992-93 New Jersey Devils Pre- season Road Green CCM UF sz L #41 Both red and white are extremely pounded, with stick and puck marks, as well as board burns and bleached out blood. Both show signs of nameplate changes, the red still has another nameplate with a different name on it sewn under the current Malkoc. Red also shows signs of glue residue were an alternate captain's 'A' once was. White has significant blood bleaching on the front, plus other general filth. ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Dean Malkoc 1992-93 Utica Devils AHL White CCM/Maska UF sz54 #23. Another well beaten Utica jersey. Similiar sleeve repairs, just more! This one has been torn from the collar to the name plate, and then sewn back together. Bleached out bloodstains on the front. ACQ: Meigray, LOA


Dean Malkoc 1997-98 Boston Bruins NHL Starter AirKnit home white sz. 54-R,  #29 1st set.  Crest is embroidered and sewn on, and bear patches are embroidered and then sewn on.  Shoulder numbers are yellow on the bottom, with white sewn on top, and a black trim sewn on top.  Back numbers and letters are black, with a yellow trim sewn on.  The material is a little more satin like than average numbers are.  Light to moderate overall wear, with a lot of runs scattered throughout the jersey.  There is a repair on the elbow, as well as a large L shaped repair in the armpit area.  There are a few board burns, including a 1.5 incher that did not go all the way through the material, but has weaked it considerably.  Right sleeve is rather clean, with no holes or repairs, but some stick marks and good runs.  Back and front are also clean, with the only wear worth mentioning in the form of runs.  Rear hem has “LETTERING BY CUSTOM CRAFTED”, and “OFFICIAL BOSTON BRUINS 1st SET 1997-98 SEASON” and Bruins logo screened in the inside, and S* and NHL logos embroidered on the outside. 


Dean Malkoc 1999 pre-season New York Islanders Home CCM AK, sz 58 goalie #39. More than likely this one was also used for the 98-99 season, where Dean appeared in a handful of games for the Islanders. Light game use, a few stick marks on the sleeves, and a couple on the back. ACQ: Meigray, LOA.

Dean Malkoc 2000-01 Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL Pre-Season “GI” #36, Road Maroon Koho Air Knit sz 58.  This gamer clearly exhibits game use, with an unrepaired hole and five other clearly visible marks on the left sleeve (and a couple others if you look closely), one each on the left and right hip area, as well as many other small marks scattered throughout the jersey.  Three holes also appear on the left shoulder.  Embroidered Might Ducks of Anaheim patches on each shoulder.  All numbers sewn on, letters sewn onto a sewn on nameplate.  Sadly, this Game-Issued shows as much, if not more use than many newer “Game-Worn” jerseys!  LOA


Dean Malkoc 2000-01 Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL Pre-Season GI #36, Home White Koho Air Knit sz 58.  Embroidered Might Ducks of Anaheim patches on each shoulder.  All numbers sewn on, letters sewn onto a sewn on nameplate.  No visible signs of wear on this one! 


Dean Malkoc 2000-2001 Cinncinati Mighty Ducks AHL Pre Season Bauer UF #24, sz. 56.  All white practice jersey with three color (maroon on white on teal) back numbers, two color (maroon on teal) shoulder numbers, and one color (maroon) name, all sewn on.  Bauer logo patch sewn on front, fully embroidered Ducks logo sewn on front.  Lots of stick marks throughout, accompanied by some small holes caused by board burns.  Standard fight strap with white metal snap sewn in back..  ACQ: Hockey Gallery

Dean Malkoc 2000-2001 Cincinnati Mighty Ducks AHL White Home SP Air Kit size 58 #24 with alt. captain’s “A”.   Fully embroidered crest (except white) sewn on front of jersey.  Numbers sewn on in interesting pattern, maroon body of number is sewn on to the teal outline, with the white border sewn on top.  Maroon name sewn on white nameplate (jersey material), then sewn on jersey.  Embroidered ducks patches are on each shoulder.  Two unrepaired holes to go along with some abrasions and spotting on right sleeve.  There are also several hack marks, and some runs in the jersey on this side.  Near the shoulder patch, there is a 2” board burn, which has one through the material.  Left sleeve has no holes, but some spots and considerable pilling and running.  There is some grime on the front right of the jersey, and on the back.  Very few remnants of large stains appear to remain.  The highlights of the wear are found under the bottom hem.  The “P” in SP has been torn almost completely off (even though it’s embroidered into the fabric- the fabric is coming up too!), and the is a large unrepaired board burn-hole about six inches to it’s left.  The hole is almost three inches long.  The stitching in the front of the collar has been torn out.  It would not be surprising if this was dry-cleaned at some point.  The jersey itself is very heavy, and there’s considerable pilling on the inside sleeve areas.      AHL patches affixed in proper hem and neck areas (lower case ahl) on back.  White, hollow (teal  in middle), “SP” logo embroidered on hem next to AHL circular patch.    Fight strap with white metal top to the snap Velcro stained, with black thread/lint stuck in Velcro.  Good pilling on inside near fight strap.  ACQ: eBay

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