Adirondack Jerseys, 1985-2006

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1986-87 Eddie Johnstone Game Worn Home Jersey

1986-87 Mark Laforest Game Worn Jersey (Pics needed)

Doug Houda 1986-87 Adirondack Red Wings AHL CCM Ultrafil Home White #3 sz approx 54 (tag missing).  Crest is embroidered and sew on, all numbers are sewn on, and name is sewn on nameplate which is sewn on the back.  Jersey shows excellent repair work, left sleeve has at least 10 repairs, which are fortified with Ultrafil material.  Many are very large.  There are also some small holes, and a few stick marks.  Right sleeve shows similar use, with at least 18 repairs, many of them being quite large.  There is some red paint transferred to the white stripe.  There is a 1.5 inch repair on the right shoulder, and more red pait, as well as some black hack marks.  The front has a 1.5 inch repair above the Winged Wheel, and three open holes in the upper left where an A would be.  There is another open slice on the right chest area.   Back had no holes or repairs, but does show similar stick marks and paint transfer.  The fight strap is sewn in, and does not show much use.  There is significant pilling around it.  Maska tag and 86 01 tag have been ripped out of one side.  CCM is embroidered in the back hem in a Red Red Blue sequence in the smaller font. 






Al Conroy Adirondack Red Wings Game Worn Home Jersey



1993-94 Craig Martin Game Worn Adirondack Red Wings Jersey- CCM Heavy Wear Custom Cuffs; A removed

Stacy Roest Game Worn Jersey, 1995-96 home white.  Won in team raffle, 12/96




Martin Laitre 1998-99 Adirondack Red Wings Bauer Ultrafil Home White #29, sz. 54.





Lucas Nehrling Adirondack IceHawks Game Worn Jersey




Greg Koehler St. Patrick's Day 2006



PLL Leblond 2005-06 Game Worn Blue jersey.  Heavy Wear!



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