The CCM Years, Albany River Rats from 1993-94 to 1995-96

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1993-94 (Red Needed)

Jason Miller 1993-94 Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil White Home #27 sz 52 with captains’ “C”.  Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (Red on Black), with name sewn on a white nameplate sewn on the jersey.  NJ Devil logo patches on each shoulder were ripped off shoulders, with considerable thread left, and the tip of the arrow on the left shoulder.  CCM embroidered in all-black sequence, with orange/black NHL (National Hockey League) shield embroidered next to it.  The crest is screened on, with a once-over with thread of the color below it on the outline of the face, jersey, stick, and teal zig-zag.  There was at least one change of the crest, as it appears there was a NJ Devils logo on the front from the small holes around the area.  It is unclear if this was ever worn in a NJ Devils game (either pre-season or regular season).  There are no obvious signs of a nameplate change.  The left sleeve has great filth near the cuff, and lots of stick marks near the number.  There is a team repair about an inch and one half starting at the end of the sleeve, and rising up the seam.  There is a repair the size of a dime on the lower red band, below the elbow.  It is fortified with what appears to be red number material, similar to what I have seen on Utica Devils jerseys.  There is a deep board burn starting at the top of the “7”, continuing through the diagonal.  It has ripped the sleeve at one point.  The right sleeve also has the same outstanding filth, but no major holes and no repairs at all.  There is considerable interior pilling at the armpit and chest areas.  There are also four interesting red marks on the inside of the jersey, near the shoulder seam.  They look like board marks, but are in the inside.  ACQ: DTG, 10/00


Vadim Sharifijanov 1994-95 Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil Road Red sz 54 #9

Very interesting jersey.  Appears to have been recycled from 1993-94 campaign, worn then by #12 Brian Sullivan.  The clear outlines and scars remain from the #12's.  There is nameplate scarring in the correct 17" length, matching Sullivan's white jersey.  There is also evidence of a much shorter nameplate, likely worn as #2 by Jason Smith or Sheldon Souray.  The current nameplate is not a proper nameplate, it is a rough cut, hacked piece of possibly replica weight UltraFil.  The jersey also shows the common crest replacement scars from 1993-94, as the first screened crests were removed and replaced with embroidered ones.   The CustomCrafted screen and fully embroidered CCM and NHL crest remain visible on the rear hem.  Overall excellent wear, with multiple repairs on each sleeve, as well as the front and back. 





Corey Schwab 1994-95 (also 93-94?) Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil Road Red sz 54+ #31

Highly customized and very unique jersey.  Jersey has been cut up each side seam, through the armpit, and to the end of the sleeve.  An additional 6" of replica weight UltraFil material has been added, making the true size of the jersey close to a 66.  The jersey does not show any sign of a name or number change, and there is neither a CustomCrafted screen nor an NHL shield under the AHL patch, which was common among 1993-94 Rats jerseys which were recycled to the 1994-95 season.  There is, however, scarring from where the original, screened on, River Rats crest was once applied to the jersey- to be later replaced with the fully embroidered version.  The AHL patch has not been sewn on, which is very unique. 

More Schwab photos:


(Set 1 White, Set 2 Red Needed)

Eric Bertrand 1994-95 Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil White Home #18 sz 54 Most likely Game Issued, even though the Team LOA stated it is game worn.  Bert suited in warm-ups a few times, but never got any game action.  Crest is fully embroidered, Numbers and letters are fully sewn on (Red on Black), with name sewn on a white nameplate sewn on the jersey.  NJ Devil embroidered logo patches on each shoulder.  There appear to be a few faint marks on the jersey, including some grime near the end of the sleeve, and some red paint transfer near the back left shoulder.  No clear evidence of a nameplate change, but it is not Custom Crafted, like the jerseys from the first year and beginning of the season were.  CCM embroidered in all-black sequence.  Fight strap sewn in shows some surprising pink staining.  Black numbers show great fraying.  Glue from born on tag is still visible, and has stuck to the back inside of the jersey.  ACQ: Team, 3/97


Dan Keczmer 1995-96 Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil White Home #5 sz 56

Light to moderate wear or this, as Keczmer joined the team later on in the year.  No AHL 60th Patch, Embroidered CCM with sewn on AHL patch on hem. 


Vadim Sharifijanov 1995-96 Albany River Rats AHL CCM K sz54 #18

Chris McAlpine 1995-96 Albany River Rats CCM Ultrafil White Home #5 sz 54

Moderate wear on this one.  No AHL 60th patch.  No repairs.  There is a possible nameplate switch, Rob Conn would be the likely other player this was issued to, and the possible scarring matches that length of last name. 


Curt Regnier 1995-96 Albany River Rats AHL CCM K sz54 #23. Light overall use, as Curt spent much of the year in the ECHL. Some good puck and stick marks on the sleeves. Embroidered CCM and AHL patch sewn on rear hem. ACQ: Team 3/97

Mike Vukonich/Darin Kimble 1995-95 Albany River Rats AHL CCM K sz54 #23 NOBR

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